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Attractions near Wilshire Boulevard

Historic Wilshire Boulevard is in the middle of Los Angeles. This famous road is 16 miles long and connects Los Angeles's five major business districts, one of which is Beverly Hills. This Boulevard is a busy thoroughfare and it has four lanes of traffic. In the Holby Hills area, the road briefly widens to eight lanes. This road was named for Henry Gaylord Wilshire, from Ohio who won and lost fortunes. Back in the 1890's, Wilshire Boulevard was nothing more than his barley field.

Over the 16 mile stretch, there are several business including, hotels, a cemetery, theaters, restaurants, museums, a university and a Hospital. The miracle mile, is a section that is dubbed between Fairfax and Western Avenues. This section almost always has heavy congestion. Traveling this busy street is easier in the evenings, or on Sunday. One will find that the Santa Monica and Brent wood sections have less traffic, than the Beverly Hills or West wood areas. Hope one likes traffic lights, as there is one on every block, of the miracle mile section. The Wilshire Corridor is also known as the Millionaire's Mile. This section is named after the posh condominium buildings, which overlook this area.

Getting through the traffic, several see the allure of public transportation. There are two subway lines that run in this area, the purple and red. If one does not prefer the subway system, Metro Rapid is a bus service that is eager to transport tourists and locals. If one does prefer to drive, they will need to be warned regarding the pot holes. The Los Angeles side of Wilshire Boulevard is notorious for the big holes.

There are several high-class hotels on this Boulevard, such as Beverly Hills Ritz Hotel and the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Probably the most famous hotel on the street, is the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. This hotel was one of the filming sites, in the 1990 smash movie, Pretty Woman.

One could certainly spend a day shopping, and seeing the sites on Wilshire Boulevard. Whether one loves the history or the hustle and bustle of city life, there is something for everyone.

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